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    By Karen Edmund
It has been a year of ups, and downs, and challenges.  Thankfully we have 2020 to look forward to.  Let’s look at next year as a time of rewards for our hard work done in 2019.  Wishing all of you the very best!

On November 29th, we started a drawing.  If you spend $25.00 or more, you will receive an entry into the drawing for a $25.00 store gift certificate.  The drawing will be held at 4:30 pm on December 22nd.  We will do a live Facebook video and notify the winner by e-mail.  Good luck! 

Featured - Ocean Jasper®
Ocean Jasper® is an Orbicular Jasper.  It is found on the North East Coast of Madagascar and is only accessible by boat when the tide is low.  The trade name, Ocean Jasper®, technically only applies to the first mining area found near Marovato (Marovato, Ambolobozo, Analalava District, Sofia Region, Mahajanga Province, Madagascar).  The stones coming from the other mines should actually be called Sea Jasper.  However, most are called Ocean Jasper® since that name is widely known.
The multicolored, Ocean Jasper® often has tight concentric rings.  Ocean Jasper® was formed in Rhyolite which was created from volcanic flows.  As the Silica cooled, it precipitated out as Quartz and Feldspar needle like crystals.  That is what creates the characteristic rings in the Ocean Jasper® pieces.  While most Ocean Jasper® pieces have the concentric rings, some display banding like that seen in Agate.  The pieces without orbs are called Wave Jasper.  It has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7. 
Some pieces have vugs that are filled with green or white druzy Quartz.  The colors typically found in Ocean Jasper® include green, pink, red, orange, white, gray, black, beige, peach, maroon, blue, cream, brown, and yellow, or any combination of those colors.  The most prized pieces have a rich color saturation in addition to beautiful designs and patterns.  The colors most commonly found in Ocean Jasper® are green, white, cream, gray, and tan.  The next most common colors include yellow, peach, red, and orange.  Dark red, bright pink, and light purple are rarer.  Dark blue is extremely rare, though there are some grayish blue or greenish blue colors that are more common.
This unique stone was first found in the 1900s, but the location was lost for a while due to the limited time that it is above the water.  The mines, on the beach, are underground which is why the water was able to obscure their location.  It was rediscovered in October of 1999 after multiple attempts at locating it were finally successful.  There were four veins of Ocean Jasper® found.  The second mine discovered was the Kabamby mine which is further inland and a surface mine.  Ocean Jasper® was mined out in 2009, and to date, no other sources have been found.   
Material similar to Ocean Jasper® is found in the United States and other areas around the world.  Some of the similar materials found in the United States are Oregonite from Josephine Co., Washington, Owyhee Jasper from the Owyhee Mountains in Idaho by the Oregon border, and Poppy Jasper in Paradise Valley, Santa Clara Co., California.  Similar Materials are also found in Australia, Russia, and the Ukraine.

 Metaphysical Properties:  Ocean Jasper® is an uplifting stone that helps one feel a connection with humanity and nature.  It brings a joyful water and earth energy for healing.  Ocean Jasper® works well for personal and environmental healing especially water pollution, oceans, and drought.  It allows one to go with the flow when processing trauma especially that of an emotional nature.  The different colors resonate with the chakra centers associated with a particular color.  Overall though, Ocean Jasper® is a very comforting, supportive, and healing stone which promotes an individual’s growth as well as the collective spiritual evolution.

Calendar of Events
December 8th Sunday - Class by Steve V. - Past Life Regression Workshop
     Join Steve for a morning of spiritual growth as he guides you to a past life and introduces you to your personal Spirit
     Guide or Guardian Angel.  Your Higher Self will show you a past life that has a meaning for your current life
     and your Guide or Angel will give you a gift and an important message!  The workshop ends with a fun journey
     into your future 100+ years from now.  The class will be from 9:00 am until noon at Minerals and More. 
     The cost is $35/person cash.

December 15th Sunday - Class by Brenda N. - Crystals to Aid with Past Life Recall
     We will discuss crystals that may aid in connecting you to your guides or angles for past life recall.  After picking
     one crystal with which to work, we will do a short meditation.  Please come early if you need to register.
     Thank you!  Class is from 10:45 am until noon and costs $10.00/person cash.

December 22nd Sunday Live Video Drawing at 4:30 pm for a $25.00 store gift certificate 

December 24th Tuesday Closing early for Christmas EveHours will be 11:00 am until 3:00 pm

December 25th Wednesday ClosedMerry Christmas!! 

January 1st Wednesday Closed - Happy New Year!! 

January 19th Sunday - Class by Brenda N. - Topic to be announced

January 28th
 Tuesday - Buying trip starts - Tucson here we come!

Remember you may also check the Calendar of Events on our website.