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    By Karen Edmund
October has me admiring the new finds from the Denver Trade show buying trip in September.  I’m particularly loving the colorful wall to the right when you first walk into the store. It is like a forest of colorful Calcite Crystals, Butterflies, and Copper Splashes all clamoring for your attention! Another of my new faves’ are the large clusters of Super 7 Crystals.  These crystals are a combination of Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, and Rutile. I’ve seen individual crystals in the past, but never the clusters like we have now!  I still can’t decide which to take home for my collection - I love them all. Oh –and last but not the least of my favorites, is the LARGE Enhydro Quartz Sphere on the Fireplace.  It’s a whopper! There are four (4) bubbles and a myriad of rainbows.  This piece is for the one who collects special spheres.  Meanwhile I get to show it off to customers and admire it till it gets a new home.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim S. a couple of months ago, and knew I wanted to bring him in to teach us Zone Healing.  He has taught this techniques in over 19 countries.  It is easy for anyone to learn.  You don't have to be an energy healer to learn this technique.  Please consider joining us for this wonderful opportunity on Sunday, October 13 from 10 - noon, here at the store.

Featured - Bixbite
Since we have been covering Beryl minerals in the newsletters, we are doing one more called Bixbite.  This one is quite rare and is only known to occur in a few places in the Western United States and one location in Mexico.  It is also known as Red Beryl or Red Emerald.  The red color is due to Manganese though there may be traces of iron, chromium, and calcium.  It is the rarest of the Beryl minerals, and like the others, it has a Mohs harness of 7.5 to 8.  Due to possible inclusions, there may be some fragility, and it should be treated in the same manner as one would treat an Emerald.

Bixbite often occurs in volcanic rocks known as Rhyolites.  The crystals form in low pressure, but high temperature situations.  The ideal conditions for the formation of Bixbite is in fractures or cavities and porous areas of Rhyolitic Magmas that occur near the surface. 

This gemstone is named after collector and American mineralogist, Maynard Bixby.  It is used as a gemstone when it is found.  First found in 1904 in the Thomas Mountains in the Western Juab County in Utah, it was discovered at Maynard’s Claim.  There is another mineral also named after him called Bixbyite (a black mineral).  To avoid confusion, Bixbite is often referred to as Red Beryl, although the name Bixbite is still used.  The initial finds were very limited and the quality was poor, rather than gemstone quality.

In 1958 Lamar Hodges found the first gem quality, facetable Bixbite in the Wah Wah Mountains located in Beaver County, Southwestern Utah.  So far, this is the only place where gem quality pieces have been found.  The Hodges family had twelve claims, known as the Ruby Violet Claims.  At the time, Lamar Hodges was searching for Uranium deposits when he found the Bixbite. 

In 1998, Gemstone Mining, Inc. of Utah bought the claims for ten million dollars.  The claims produce approximately 5,000 to 7,000 carats a year.  Gemstone Mining, Inc. is the one who called Bixbite a Red Emerald.  It is one of the rarest gemstones in the world.  Prices for this gemstone are around $10,000 per carat for top quality specimens.  Most finds are under one carat.  A two to three carat stone would be considered extremely large.  Less than 10,000 stones are cut per year and ninety-five percent of that number are of a lower quality.  The Utah Geological Survey states that one gem quality crystal of Bixbite exists for every 150,000 gem quality diamonds.

Some of the red gems being marketed as Bixbite are actually Pezzottaite, which was discovered in Madagascar.  While Pezzottaite is also rare, it is less rare and less valuable than Bixbite.  The best Bixbite stones will have a raspberry pink to slightly purplish red color, and have very few inclusions.  The color, however, can be strawberry, bright ruby, cherry, and sometimes orange in tone.  The color is stable up to temperatures around 1832 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the mid-1990s, a Russian synthetic Red Beryl was being produced, but discontinued as of January 2016.  Synthetic Bixbite shares most of the physical, chemical, and optical qualities of the naturally occurring Bixbite crystals.  It is made through a hydrothermal growth process which is similar to the natural process of crystals formed in the Earth.  Seed crystals are introduced in the chemical solution and help promote the gemstone growth.  The time to grow the crystals may take from nine months to two years depending on the size of the desired crystal.  

 Metaphysical Properties:  Bixbite is a very powerful crystal.  It melds the energy of the heart (4th) and root (1st) chakras.  This could make one feel more energized as well as enhance one’s self-esteem.  It stimulates creativity and awareness.  In addition, it creates harmony and compatibility in relationships.  Bixbite may be worn to prevent psychic manipulation.


Calendar of Events
October 13th Sunday Class by Jim S. - Zone Awareness HealingJim will teach the energy healing technique
     which he dreamt of in 2010.  It uses the Power of the Triangle and can be learned easily by anyone.  It is simple
     to learn, fun to do, and has had tremendous results not only for Jim, but for many of his students as well. 
     Class will be from 10:00 am until noon and costs $10/person cash.

October 20th Sunday Class by Brenda N. - 
Crystal to Help You Feel Like You Belong - Do you sometimes
     feel like you fail to fit in or that you are different than others around you?  We'll discuss and work with 
     crystals that will help you feel like you belong here.  Please bring a pen and paper to class and come early
     if you need to register.  Class is from 10:45 am until noon and costs $10/person cash.

November 2nd Saturday - Fall Seasonal Realignment Faire
                                         1:00 pm. until 5:00 pm
                 Cost $45 for 30 mintues or $90 for an hour cash
                                3% upcharge for credit cards
           Brenda N. - Animal Totem Reading (1 hr), Wolf Pack® Reading, or Chakra Healing with a mini-reading
           Hermina V. - Egyptian Cartouche® Reading
                        Call to reserve your time 608-845-3630.
                          Walk-ins are welcome as time permits.

November 17th Sunday Class by Brenda N. - Topic to be announced.

November 22nd - 23rd - Alliant Energy Center Gem & Mineral Show

Remember you may also check the Calendar of Events on our website.