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    By Karen Edmund
June – It’s Father’s Day and the longest day of the year.  Two great reasons to celebrate.  This is also the time that many of us think about getting together with friends on a summer weekend.  I’m hoping to connect with friends from St Paul, MN that I haven’t seen in almost 10 years.  I’m also hoping that the grass hasn’t grown too fast, and that your garden is starting to look great.
We are having a Psychic Fair on Saturday June 23rd.  Our three amazing readers of Sherri, Hermina, and Brenda will be here for card readings.  We also have Sue here again to do Angel Reiki.  We keep getting amazing reviews about all four of these wonderful women. 
We are also celebrating the Summer Solstice on Saturday June 23rd.  Jean T., a Shaman trained in the Inca traditions, will once again lead us in ceremony.  Ceremony starts at 5:15 pm.  Please bring a dish to pass for potluck.  Sharing a meal is the completion to our evening of ceremony.

 Featured - Pearl
While not strictly a gemstone, Pearls are composed of some of the minerals you might find on our shelves!  Created from the same materials found in the shell of the mollusk, Pearls are composed of Calcium Carbonate (which is mainly Aragonite or a mix of Aragonite and Calcite) and will dissolve in vinegar.  They are formed when something irritates the soft tissue of a living mollusk.  Over years, layer after layer of shell like material (called Nacre) will be formed over the offending irritant. 

Pearls are highly prized and valued as gemstones.  The ideal Pearl will be formed naturally and will be perfectly round, though that is rare.  Imitation Pearls are sold in inexpensive jewelry, but the iridescent quality is poor and may wear off which won’t happen with real Pearls that are naturally formed or cultured.  Natural Pearls are very rare and hundreds of saltwater oysters or freshwater mussels such as clams, would need to be opened (killed) to find 1 Pearl.  That is why cultured or farmed Pearls are more prevalent.

The five things to look for when buying Pearls are luster, size, shape, color, and surface.  Of the five, luster is the most important and depends on reflection, refraction and, diffraction of light from the translucent layers forming the Pearl. The thinner the layers and the more of them there are, the finer the luster.  Large round Pearls are rare and highly valued.  The most common trade names of cultured Pearls are Akoya (named after the oyster that produces the Pearls) and Mikimoto (named after a person).

Cultured and natural Pearls can be distinguished from imitation Pearls by a very simple test. Take the Pearl and rub it (gently!) against the edge of a tooth. Cultured and natural Pearls will feel slightly rough, like fine sandpaper, because of the texture of natural nacre. Imitations will feel as smooth as glass because the surface is molded or painted on a smooth bead.  X-Raying the Pearl is how to determine if they are natural or cultured.

Saltwater Pearl oysters are cultivated in protected ocean lagoons or volcanic atolls.  Freshwater Pearls form in lakes, rivers, ponds, or other fresh water bodies.  Most freshwater cultured Pearls come from China these days.  If you stop in at the Madison Gem and Mineral show held in November at the Alliant Center, you will likely see the display of Pearls harvested from Wisconsin waters!

Metaphysical Properties:  Pearls have a soft energy which calms and soothes one emotionally.  It may also insulate people against irritants and discomfort caused by others or crowds. Pearls may remove or heal friction to help a person go with the flow of life rather than fighting it which allows the person to open up to find the purpose of their “true self”.  Pearls have water and lunar energies so charge them by moonlight.  They encourage loyalty, integrity, and purity.  Pearls help people be kinder to others and to soften their words.

Calendar of Events

June 17th SundayHappy Father's Day!!

June 23rd SaturdaySummer Solstice Psychic Fair Day
                                           1:00 pm until 5:00 pm
            Sessions are 20 ($25) or 30 ($36) minutes unless noted 
                    Brenda N. - Animal Totem ($90) or Wolf Pack®
                    Hermina V. - Egyptian Cartouche®
                    Sherri T. - Channeled Energy Readings
                    Susan H. - Angel Reiki
Call to reserve your time 608-845-3630.  Walk-ins are welcome as time permits.

June 23rd Saturday - Summer Solstice Ceremony by Jean T
. - The ceremony, 

                      which brings in the traditions of the Peruvian Shaman, is at 

                       Minerals and More from 5:15 pm. until done and costs

                       $15/person (cash).  Please pre-register/pay as thsupplies need

                       to be purchased and we need a count of participants.  We invite

                       you to bring a dish to pass for a potluck afterwards.

June 24th SundayClass by Brenda N. -  Last month the class taught us how

                       connect with our guides.  This month we will explore how to use

                       Tarot and Oracle cards to help you tap into advice from your

                        guides.  Please bring a set of  Oracle cards to the class.  Anyone

                        may take this class (no requirement to have taken the class last

                        month).  You will receive a handout with different layouts that

                        work best with specific question topics.   Class is from 10:45 am 

                        until noon and costs $10/person cash.

July 4th Wednesday - Store Closed - Happy 4th of July!!

July 15th Sunday -  Class by Brenda N. - Topic to be announced.  Class is from

                     10:45 am until noon and costs $10/person cash.

Remember you may also check the Calendar of Events on our website.