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By Karen Edmund

June, what a month!  I am so happy to see that we seem to be healing from the Coronavirus crisis. The store is open and we welcome you.  It has been a pleasure to see returning and new customers. We do continue to require a mask, a maximum of 5 customers in the store at a time, and sanitizing of hands.  If you are coming from out of town or are concerned about having to wait once you arrive, please call ahead for an appointment.  We will do our best to accommodate you. 
I hope that Minerals and More can be a haven of peace and beauty for everyone who enters our doors.  Change happens, and may we all have understanding and support for each other in this beautiful summer month of June.

Please check out the dates for Brenda's book signings at Minerals and More in Verona, and Mystic Morraine Minerals in Janesville and our Summer Solstice Ceremony at Minerals and More.

Featured - Mookaite
The Jasper we are featuring this month is Mookaite.  Mookaite has quite a range of colors, and they may all appear in one piece.  The colors include white, cream, yellow, mustard yellow, gold, orangish, reddish, mauve, pink, purple, brown, tan, gray, and black.  The coloring in Mookaite is due to iron oxide and hydroxide granules.
On the Mohs scale, Mookaite is between a 6 and a 7 for hardness. The hardness comes from the fact that it’s a Silicified Porcelanite formed through weathering.  That’s a fancy way of saying it is part of the Quartz family of minerals.  Some people confuse Mookaite with Chert, Opalite, or Chalcedony.  It is technically a silicified version of Radiolarite, a cretaceous (think approximately 145 – 66 million years old) sedimentary formation.  This silification is opaline to chalcedonic.  While similar in appearance to Chert which is found in the same country, the two are officially different stones. 
Mookaite is a fossiliferous sedimentary rock that occurs in Windalia Radiolarite.  Windalia Radiolarite is composed of Radiolarian Siltstone and Chert which formed on a marine shelf.  One may find imprints of ammonites and belemnites because the rock is composed of tiny organisms known as Radiolaria.  Radiolaria are hard skeletal structures made of Opaline Silica.
If Mookaite tends to be more opaline, the material is very brittle and may crack if tapped or cut.  The chalcedonic version that we have is a much more stable material.  It lies in decomposed radiolarian clay under the creek floor.  The creek bed is often dry.  That may mean that the silica-rich solutions seeped through the floor of the creek bed to form.
Mookaite is named after its location in Mooka Creek, on the Mooka Station.  Mooka Station is in the Kennedy Ranges near Gascoyne Junction, located about 100 miles inland from Carnarvon, a coastal town in Western Australia, and 600 miles north of Perth, Australia’s capital.  Mooka means running water.
The location where Mookaite is found:  Western Australia.

Metaphysical Properties:  Mookaite is our go-to crystal for grief since it relieves stress and emotional trauma.  It has the added benefit of increasing the chance that the person who passed over will communicate with the one who has the Mookaite (such as through a dream).  It is a stone that shields a person from dangerous conditions while allowing them to experience a variety of new and adventurous situations in their life.  Mookaite helps a person have the courage to face new challenges and helps in decision making if one is unsure which path to take.  It may help clear unhealthy generational problems so that the next generation doesn’t inherit the negative issues through genetic memory.  By helping one to feel younger in attitude, it is said to slow the aging process.  Mookaite may help one communicate with animals and unborn children (great for parents to be).  On a grander scale, it has sacred energies that may be harnessed to help heal the planet.

Calendar of Events
June 5th Friday Book Signing for Empath Empowerment Crystals and TechniquesStop by and meet Author Brenda Nemec.  Brenda will be here to sign copies of her book Empath Empowerment Crystals and Techniques from 3:00 pm. until 6:30 pm.  The book is available during the book signing, at the store, and through Amazon.  If paid by cash it is $18.98 with tax, if paid by credit card it is $19.95 (to cover processing fees).  #EmpathEmpowerment  You may also like Brenda's Author Page on Facebook to see her other book signings and any new releases at https://www.facebook.com/BrendaKNemecAuthor/

June 20th Saturday - Book Signing - Empath Empowerment Crystals and Techniques - Stop by and meet Author Brenda Nemec at Mystic Morraine Minerals in Janesville.  Brenda will be signing copies of her book Empath Empowerment Crystals and Techniques from Noon until 5:00 pm.   The book is available during the book signing from Brenda.  It may also be purchased through Minerals and More in Verona, and Amazon.  If paid by cash it is $18.98 with tax, if paid by credit card it is $19.95 (to cover processing fees). 

June 20th Saturday - Summer Solstice Ceremony - 6:00 pm at Minerals and More in the patio area behind the store.  Please join us with Jean T. to celebrate the Summer Solstice of 2020.  Please feel free to bring a beverage to distantly socialize.  The cost is $15.00 per person cash.

Remember you may also check the Calendar of Events on our website.