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    By Karen Edmund
August is for sweet corn, potato salad, brats and burgers on the grill, boat rides, family reunions, and a splash in the lake or pool.  We are having such beautiful summer days!  These are the ones that we relish now and can remember when its wintertime. 
Here at the store we are walking the aisles and constantly adding and refining the shopping list for Denver.  If you have a special request, let us know.  I’m always happy to look, but can’t promise I’ll find it.  I’m excited to see what is new, and of course, find more of our favorites.
In case you’ve missed it, we do have a crazy new mineral.  It’s called Hackmanite, and it exhibits tenebrescence (The ability to change color when exposed to sunlight)!  It is an exceptionally rare sulfur-rich variety of Sodalite originally found in Greenland.  Ours was found in Pakistan.  It looks like a gray to light pink color stone in your hand, and changes almost immediately to a dark lavender-purple when in the sun.  When put under a black light it will fluoresce bright orange.  Isn’t nature amazing!!!

Featured - Morganite
This month’s gemstone is Morganite, another crystal in the Beryl family.  It is typically pink, and is sometimes referred to as Pink Emerald, but that is a misleading term.  Although Emerald and Morganite are formed from the same type of crystals, Emerald is a much more expensive stone.  Following Bixbite (Red Emerald), Morganite is the second most rare of the Beryl gemstones.  The color may be light pink, dark pink, violet-pink, magenta (very rare color from Madagascar), peachy-pink, salmon, or peach.  Pure pale or pastel pink is the most desirable color which is created by traces of Manganese.  The yellow hue sometimes found in Morganite is caused by traces of Iron.  When the trace minerals combine, a peach tone is present.  Like other Beryl gemstones, Morganite has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale.  
It’s rare for Morganite to have the cat’s eye effect, but if it does, those stones are often cut into cabochons.  It may show a dichroic effect like Aquamarine (appear to have different shades of color depending on the angle at which the stone is viewed).  Morganite may also have a chatoyancy, or asterism (star-like) effect.  While it is a rare stone, it is usually quite reasonably priced.  Unlike Emerald, Morganite is relatively free of inclusions.  This is another Beryl that is more of a collector’s stone, like Heliodor, and not often found in jewelry.
Morganite is commonly found as an “accessory mineral”.  That means that it grows in small quantities near other minerals.  It is often found in cavities, and granite pegmatites as short, tabular structures.  Morganite crystals are usually smaller than other types of Beryl.  In 1989 Dennis Holden found a Morganite in Maine that was almost twelve inches wide.  It weighed around fifty pounds, and is the largest ever found in North America.  It was cut and faceted into a 184-Carat piece, now displayed at the Maine State Museum.  The largest stone ever found and faceted, is a 598.7 Carat cushion cut Morganite, from Madagascar, which is displayed in the British Museum.
Discovered in Madagascar in 1910, Morganite was at first called Pink Beryl.  It was renamed by George Kunz, a gemologist and buyer for Tiffany & Company.  He renamed it Morganite for J.P Morgan, a banker, who collected gemstones.  
The most significant locations for Morganite are in Brazil and Madagascar.  Other places where Morganite is found include Afghanistan, China, Italy, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, the United States of America (California and Maine), and Zimbabwe.

 Metaphysical Properties:  Morganite is a crystal of completely unconditional Divine Love.  It is one to work with if you are ready to release old pain, sorrow, suffering, closed mindedness, egotism, and escape tactics.  It will even bring forgotten traumas and wounds, from this or past lives, to the surface so that they may be healed and released.  It is a gentle emotional healer and cleaner that brings peace, joy, and strength back into one’s life.  It does this by letting one see that the pain and suffering served a higher purpose for spiritual growth.  This may help put a person back on track with their life path.  Morganite also heals any resentment, anger, or attachments to past relationships where we feel that we lack closure.  It will further help a person identify, and resolve any patterns and attitudes that stand in the way of finding one’s soul partner.  Morganite goes even further by helping one to trust again when recovering from loss or tragedy.

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August 18th Sunday Class by Brenda N.  - Six of the Synergistic 12 Stones - These stones help one raise their
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September 6th- 10th - Denver Buying Trip

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