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                                                   Minerals and More News                                  
    By Karen Edmund
Tucson was exciting, as always.  We had great weather, and great shopping.  We did 7 days of shopping and then did a side trip down to Kartchner Caverns near Tombstone, Arizona.  The cave tour was wonderful, and I highly recommend it. Our 1,700 pounds of stones have arrived and we are excited to show them off!  The Scolecite Clusters that we found are phenomenal!  See the list for some of our new finds.

Agate - Bookends and Lamps
Amethyst – Cathedrals in several sizes, one huge Cathedral with a
                    Calcite Star Burst, Vera Cruz Enhydro Crystals

Ammolite - Piece, Earrings, and Pendants
Anandalite - Clusters
Aquatine Calcite - Bowls from Argenitina
Blue Apatite - Small pieces great for jewelry making
Celestite - Eggs, clusters and larger pieces
Chakra Heart Stone Sets and Chakra Symbol Stone Sets - NEW
ChromeTremolite - NEW
Citrine – Natural and Natural Smoky Citrine Points with Phantoms,
               Natural Citrine Spheres NEW

Diamonds - Small rough ones NEW
Dumortierite on Quartz - a small quantity
Flint - NEW 4 pieces from Russia
Fluorite - Polished Slabs and larger pieces
Golden Apatites - NEW
Green Opal - Small and Large pieces
Jewelry - Amber, Moldavite, Stud Earrings in multiple stones,
                and Ammolite Earrings to name a few!

Lamps – Agate Slice, Rose Quartz, White Quartz, Orange Calcite
Malachite - Carvings (Elephant, Panther, Penguin), and Hearts
Marshmallow Stone - 2 pieces NEW
Mookaite - Large and smaller rough pieces
Munderite - NEW
Munjina Stone - Rough pieces
Natrolite - very difficult to find this 
Nuummite - from Greenland
Orthoclase - NEW
Owyhee Opal -  NEW
Petrified Bogwood - NEW

Phosphosiderite - Sphere NEW
Prophecy Stone - rare
Purpurite - Several smaller pieces
Quartz - A Cathedral Cluster, Merkabas, Spheres, smaller Clusters,
              and Points

Red Jasper - back in stock!!
Rhodozite - Small but powerful pieces
Rose Quartz - Bookends, rough pieces (some with a lavendar color),
                         and Hearts

Sand Dollar Fossil - from France
Satyaloka Azeztulite Hearts
Scolecite - Beautiful clusters
Selenite - Polished logs.
Shattuckite - a variety of sizes
Skulls – A variety of stones as well as Skull necklaces
Strawberry Quartz - Polished and rough pieces
Strontium-Fluorite - 3 Pieces
SugIlite/Bustamite-  NEW
Swedish Blue - NEW
Thulite - NEW
Tourmaline - Crystals in a variety of sizes
Tourmaline Quartz - Towers, Freeforms, Rough pieces, and Spheres
Turquoise - Large and small pieces 
Vivianite - Small and large nodules from Australia
And many more minerals, crystals, and jewelry items…

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