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By Karen Edmund
It’s April, my Irises are coming up and the Crocuses have lovely little white blooms. No more snow and ice, so I can stop washing the sidewalk salt off of Beau’s feet every time he comes in from a walk. For being a Texas doggie, he sure hasn’t minded the cold of winter.

Tucson in February was canceled, but it has been rescheduled for mid-April, and I am going shopping! Yippee!  It will be smaller than normal, as many foreign vendors aren’t able to come into the United States.  Thankfully many US wholesalers have shipments arriving from overseas, so I hope to have a successful trip.  The store will be open with Brenda working to assist you. I sure hope she gets to come with me on the next buying trip, as she is the best when it comes to helping me shop!

We’ve had some very popular items in March (Carved Selenite Moons, Rose Quartz Aura Suns, Moldavite products, Heart dishes in Selenite, and of course the Hematite Rock Rings!)  The new stock of Rock and Hematite Rings is here, and we still have some of the Heart dishes in Selenite.  I hope to have more Moons and Suns soon.  If you missed out on any of these, check the Facebook page for their arrivals, or give us a call.

FYI – we have a nice selection of our April Mineral, the Libyan Gold Tektites.

Brenda's Note:  Well I guess the April Fool's joke was on me.  On March 31st, I for the first time used a scheduled send so that our newsletter would go out on the 1st of April.  Somehow the newsletter that was sent was from March.  I had to wait a day to again send out the newsletter, so here is the real April one!!

Featured - Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass is also known as Libyan Gold Tektite.  Tektites are created when a meteor, comet, or asteroid strikes the Earth.  When it hits the ground, the energy of the impact and the temperature of the extraterrestrial material causes rocks and soil to be vaporized and thrown into the upper atmosphere.  They then fall back to earth as glassy Tektites.
As the name implies, these Tektites are a yellow or golden color.  The Mohs hardness of this Desert Glass is 5 to 7.  Since it occurred in the desert, there may be round grains of sand in the pieces.  As with other Tektites, it may have bubbles.
There was some debate as to whether it is really a Tektite due to the lack of a crater.  However, given the structure of the pieces, it is believed to have been caused by a meteor strike rather than an airburst.  An airburst is what caused the 2013 damage in Chelyabinsk, Russia.  To have created the Libyan Desert Glass, an airburst would have had to be 200 times more powerful than the one in 2013.
Western scientists first became aware of Libyan Desert Glass in the 1930s even though this pure Silica Tektite has been dated at over 28 Million Years Old.  This Tektite is found near the border of Eastern Libya and Western Egypt in the Sahara Desert.  Pieces are scattered over many square miles.  Even though it is a recent discovery for Western scientists, the breastplate buried with King Tutankhamen has a scarab beetle carved out of Libyan Desert Glass as the centerpiece.  Paleolithic tools such as spear tips and knife blades have also been found made of Libyan Desert Glass in the Sahara Desert region.
While the amount of this Tektite seems to be plentiful in the towering dunes of the Eastern Great Sand Sea of Egypt, the Egyptian government has stopped the exporting of this beautiful crystal.  It is a highly prized crystal representing the sun and Ra, the god of the sun and kings.  It’s also known as a “stone of the pharaohs”.

Metaphysical Properties:  This crystal is very powerful for manifesting, which can aid in creating abundance and prosperity.  Libyan Desert Glass is helpful for those on a spiritual journey, especially lightworkers who are working on raising their vibration.  It aids in past life exploration and connecting to ancient knowledge through use of the Akashic Records.  Empaths often feel they belong somewhere other than on this planet.  Libyan Desert Glass may help them overcome that feeling by giving them a sense of purpose and a stronger will through better self-esteem.  It is also protective by creating a barrier to repel negativity and to prevent psychic vampires from stealing energy.  Libyan Desert Glass is a crystal of spiritual rebirth and awakening where fear is replaced by the love of life and joy.  This is a powerful stone, so work with it in small increments of time until you have adjusted to the energy.

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