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    By Karen Edmund
We have featured the Herkimer Diamond Quartz this month, as we found some great Herkimers in Tucson this year.  There are tiny crystals for $2.00, and larger ones up to $160.  Many are exceptionally clear, and a few are golden in color. This crystal has so much flash when it is cut into beads, it makes stunning jewelry.  We are having a “Spring Fling” with it.

On April 14th, a Saturday, we are having a Psychic Fair.  Take a little time to let go of the winter detritus and move forward into spring with a reading or Reiki session.   I have had wonderful experiences with Sue, Hermina, Sherri, and Brenda, our four providers, and I highly recommend them all.  Walk-ins are welcome, but with limited times, we usually fill up.  Give us a call at 608-845-3630 to schedule your time.
Earth Day is April 22, 2018.  I would like to offer a onetime 10% discount to everyone for ANYTHING with a white price tag in the store.  The discount can be used on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday from April 22-24th.  This goes for the smallest tumbles and on up to the largest Amethyst – you choose the piece!

 Featured - Herkimer Diamond Quartz
Herkimer Diamonds are a form of double-terminated Quartz.  They are called “diamonds” due to their natural faceting and clarity.  Herkimer Quartz may be clear, white, champagne, smoky, golden or a golden red.  Having a hardness of 7.5, they are harder than normal Quartz which is a 7 on the Mohs scale.  This crystal is named for where it was found, Herkimer County, New York.  It occurs in exposed outcrops of Dolostone (Dolomite and Limestone).  Each stone has 18 total faces due to 6 on each point and 6 faces in the middle.  Since they were first discovered in Middleville and Little Falls communities they are sometimes called by those names as well.

The Herkimer Diamond Quartz is not a recent find, as the Mohawk Indians and early settlers found these double terminated crystals in stream sediment and newly plowed fields.  The Mohawks used them to make amulets, and tools, and traded them with other tribes.  The crystals lost their importance in the early 1600s when European glass beads were brought to this country.  They were officially discovered in the 18th century during the cutting of Dolostone in the Mohawk River Valley, Herkimer County, New York.  Only crystals from this location are truly Herkimer Diamonds, even though double terminated Quartz crystals are found around the world.

Some of the locations where ‘Herkimer Like Quartz’ can be found are Afghanistan, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Pakistan, Ukraine, and the US in Arizona.  Though they have the same appearance as those found in Herkimer County, NY, they should be called “Herkimer Like” or Herkimer Style” rather than Herkimer Diamond since that term is reserved for the Crystals found in New York.

The growth of these crystals started over 500 million years ago in a shallow sea into which sediments from the Adirondack Mountains flowed.  Within the Dolostone, cavities called vugs or pockets were formed by acid in the water.  The Quartz crystals formed in these pockets.  The stones were buried and the temperatures rose.  The crystals with exceptional clarity grew in the vugs very slowly. Occasionally crystals will contain inclusions of solids, liquids (salt water or petroleum), gases, and uniaxial crystals or phantoms.  Some double terminated Herkimers may have little to no connection with the host rock.  These double terminated crystals are quite rare and beautiful.

Metaphysical Properties:  Herkimer diamonds are Quartz so they act as an amplifier.  They are high energy Crystals that manifest pure light.  Since they are double terminated, Herkimers transmit energies in both directions (receiving and sending).  They help people to handle/endure more difficult challenges.  This Quartz can help one attune to one’s environment, another person, and groups.  By increasing one’s light energy, they help the body to fight illness.  If you want to feel close to someone moving away, you may each carry a Herkimer to keep the connection.

Calendar of Events


April 14th Saturday -Spring Awakening Saturday - 1:00 pm. until 5:00 pm.

                   Session are 20 ($25) or 30 ($36) minutes unless noted 

                            Brenda N. - Animal Totem (1¼ hr - $90) or Wolf Pack®
                            Hermina V. - Egyptian Cartouche®
                            Sherri T. - Channeled Energy Readings
                            Susan H. - Angel Reiki

Call to reserve your time 608-845-3630.  Walk-ins are welcome as time permits.

April 15th Sunday - Class by Brenda N.  - Crystals and Techniques for Chaotic Times.
                      How does one stay calm, optimistic, and peaceful with the anger, and negativity, and harsh & chaotic energies in our 
                                 world?  Learn which crystals and techniques help that anyone can employ.  Class is from 10:45 am until noon
                                 and costs $10/person cash.

April 22nd - 24th - Earth Day Sale - 10% off all white price tag items!

May 13th Sunday - Happy Mother's Day!!!

May 20th Sunday - Class by Brenda N. - Topic to be announced 

May 28th Monday - Store Closed - Happy Memorial Day!! 

Remember you may also check the Calendar of Events on our website.