Minerals and More:
BeYond the Elements

Andrea P. - Reiki and Advanced Electromagnetic Field Balancing

Andrea is certified as a Practitioner of Energetic Arts, this includes Reiki Master Practitioner and Advanced Electromagnetic Field Balancing.  She studied under Mary Preuss at the Magnificent Living Institute in Madison, WI.  Andrea is also a Shamanic Practitioner and has studied under her mentor, Dr. Steven Farmer of CA.  In additon she has spent many years studying animal communication and healing with Asia Voight.

Bob G. - Crystal and Mineral Tool Creator, and Crystal Healing

Bob has been involved for 30 year with producing crystal and mineral tools for alternative/energetic healing.  Studying the practical applications of many modalities in which these tools are used, has given him a deep understanding of how they work for the clients" highest healing.  This has been an on-going process leading to growth, knowledge and the innovations of new tools and experiences.

Brenda N. - Animal Totem Readings, Wolf Pack Tarot Readings®,Crystal Healing Body Work, Crystal Classes & Readings, Life Coaching & More

Brenda has always loved rocks, minerals, and crystals since she was young and has been working with crystals metaphysically for over 30 years.  In addition to Animal Totem and Tarot Readings, Teaching Classes www.facebook.com/Classes4UWI/,  Crystal Healing Body Work, Intuitive Crystal Readings, Life Coaching, and writing www.facebook.com/BrendaKNemecAuthorshe incorporates programmed crystals into decorations which may be used in any setting. Items are posted in the Metaphysical and Service sections of www.estatesalesonline.wixsite.com/sales. The website and Facebook page have links to each other. Facebook www.facebook.com/estatesalesonline/

Animal Totem Reading -  In the 1 to 1½ hour reading, learn your 9 power totem animals, how they may help, what their qualities are, and in what areas of your life they occur.  Since they are with you for your entire life, you only need one reading.

Hermina V. - Egyptian Cartouche

Hermina was first introduced to the CARTOUCHE® cards in 1987 by her mentor and guide as part of a spiritual development course which initiated her journey into ancient mysteries. The cards were presented to Hermina by her mentor with the words, “I think these are meant for you.”  From that point on, the CARTOUCHE® cards have become an intricate part of Hermina’s life.

Hermina has now been guided to share the hidden knowledge of the CARTOUCHE® cards with the public.  With the intention of healing, compassion and sharing the Truth, she speaks from her heart, through CARTOUCHE®, to spread joy and understanding to all those who wish to know.

Jean T. of Spirit Dancer Crystals - Teacher, Crystal Healing, and Ceremonies

Jean is a gifted teacher, healer and ceremonialist, recently relocated to Madison from Chicago. She has spent the last 18 years studying shamanic traditions of both North and South America. She has studied the Pachakuti mesa with Oscar Miro-Quesada for many of those years. Her current practice merges the mesa tradition of Peru with both crystal and sound healing. She is a certified Sound Healer, Crystal healer and Reiki master. She is a Kultrun drum carrier in the tradition of the Mapuche medicine women of Chile.  Her greatest joy is creating the space for others to experience the profound healing that can be found in these practices.  Experience the healing power of stones and the sacred energy of Mother Earth.

Robyn W. - Angel Card Reader

Robyn is an ordained minister who has been communicating with the Angelic realm through oracle cards for over 15 years.  She turned to the cards to help heal her own life issues and soon after found herself reading for family, friends, and anyone searching for guidance and healing.  She enjoys teaching classes, basic Angel reading 101 and encourages people to communicate with the Angels for every day issues as well as the big stuff.

Robyn has a love for animals, nature, and working with stones and crystals.  She studied under Asia Voight for animal communication and practices crystal therapy for healing people, animals, and the planet.

Sherri T. - Energy Intuitive, Soul Coach, Channel, & Animal Communicator

Sherri uses intuition and channeling to bring fresh new perspectives to your Soul’s calling.  Her work with animals helps to bring you a deeper connection with the love they so graciously bring to our lives.  In all of her work, she brings forth clear and divinely guided energies to help you move through your life with greater ease and clarity.  By allowing the healing and transformation of misperceptions, past pain, trauma and false beliefs to be gently released, a knowing of who you truly are comes forth.

Sherri has spent many years working with various Masters, Arch Angels and Teachers to develop and refine her gifts and skills to offer you clear and concise healing for your soul awakening.  She started on her spiritual path over 20 years ago, but even as a young child she communicated with Spirits, animals and nature.