Minerals and More:
BeYond the Elements


May 4th Saturday Crystal Healing with Jean T. and Bob G. - They will be available from 10:30 am until 4:30 pm for

       appointments.  In a crystal healing session, stones are placed on or held over the body to balance energy and 

       awaken the body's natural state of perfect health.  In effect, this allows the body to "re-tune" itself through the

       resonance of the stone.  The cost is $45 for 30 minutes and $100 for an hour cash.

May 12th Sunday - Happy Mother's Day!

May 19th Sunday Class by Brenda N.  - How to Program Crystals -  While crystals may be used for the properties they have, you may also program them using one specific property to help with an area of your life.  Also Quartz may be programmed to work on a specific task such as programming it to place in your water for your health.  We will discuss how to pick a crystal to program, how to program it, and how to phrase your programming.  The class is from 10:45 until noon and costs $10/person cash.  Please come early if you need to register. Thanks!

May 27th Monday Closed - Happy Memorial Day!


June 16th Sunday Class by Brenda N.  - Topic to be announced

June 16th Sunday Happy Father's Day!

June 22nd Saturday - Summer Solstice Despacho Ceremony by Jean T.A despacho is a mandala like offering made

       as a gift to Pachamama, Mother Earth. With leaves, flowers, seeds, etc a living piece of art is created with prayers 

       blown in the earth elements.  After the despacho is wrapped like a package, each participant will be individually

       energetically cleaned by the shaman using the despacho.  The bundle will then be offered to fire so that the

       prayers are carried to the heavens.  Please bring a dish to pass for a potluck afterwards.  The ceremony 

       will start at 5:00 pm and takes approximately 2 hours.  The potluck will follow the ceremony.  The cost is

        $15/person cash.