Minerals and More:
BeYond the Elements


September 15th - We are about 3/4ths done with pricing and have been adding items to the shelves!!

September 15th Sunday Class by Brenda N. - Six of the Synergistic Twelve Crystals - We will talk about and

     experience the energy of the remaining six crystals of the Synergistic Twelve Crystals. These stones help one raise 

     their vibration to ascend higher spiritually.  Class will be from 10:45 am until noon and costs $10/person cash. 

     Please come early if you need to register.


October 13th Sunday Class by Jim S. - Zone Awareness Healing - Jim will teach the energy healing technique which

     he dreamt of in 2010.  It uses the Power of the Triangle and can be learned easily by anyone.  It is simple to learn,

     fun to do, and has had tremendous results not only for Jim, but for many of his students as well.  Class will be from 

    10:00 am. until noon and costs $10/person cash.

October 20th Sunday Class by Brenda N. - Topic to be announced.